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24 Anomalies in the Plain of Troy

"From Hısarlık, we can see several other mounds."

In Search of the Real Troy

Below is a list of all of the anomalies discussed so far on this blog.  All of the anomalies below have been discussed already, either on the page about the Top Ten Anomalies (A) in the plain, or on the page adding Six More Anomalies (B).  I also have a page about Declivities in the Plain (C) where some of these are discussed.  Others were discussed in posts specific to them individually.  All of these can be added together to support the thesis that the plain of Troy is heavily distorted by what appear to be human interventions

1 The large mound in front of Hisarlik.  

2 The marsh in the mound in front of Hisarlik

3 The Kesik Cut through the coastal cliffs at Lisgar Marsh* (A)

4 The large berm SW of Kalafat (A)

5, 6 The two mounds west of Kalafat (A)

7 The large declivity west of Kalafat (A,C)

8 The smaller declivity between the mound and the berm SW of Kalafat (A,C)

9 The cut through the inland ridge at Besik Bay* (B)

10 The marsh SW of Kalafat  (A,C)

11 The structure in the marsh SW of Kalafat  

12, 13 The two mounds below Pinarbasi (B)

14 Judan Lake** (B, C)

15 The raised area east of Lisgar Marsh (B)

16 The strange shapes at the top of the plain (B)

17 The odd shapes near Kalafat (B)

18 The berm on Kamer Creek

19 The mound NW of the great mound 

20 The waterway that starts in the middle of the plain 

21, 22 The two sand deposits at two ends of the great mound. 

23. The raised straight line NW of the great mound. 

24. The 2.5 kilometer long mostly straight, raised line near the top of the plain.  

* technically not in the plain 

** no longer exists

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