Friday, March 3, 2023

The Weird Waterway in the Plain of Troy

In the maps below, I have placed a red circle over the origin of a waterway in the plain.  It appears to start up out of nowhere.  I find that very strange looking and worth pointing out.  Is it another anomaly in the plain?  I guess so.  That makes at least 19 anomalies pointed out on this blog.   

This is a good map of archaeological sites, with English, Turkish and German place names on it.  It is up to date insofar as it recognizes the canals enclosing the Mendere river, along with the new locations of Kalafat and Kumkale.  

The waterway in question apparently originates in a marsh that is not shown here.  That would explain it, but a fuller explanation would also explain the marsh.  I think the marsh can be explained by the fact that it is a low spot in a mound.  Why does the plain of Troy have a marsh in the middle of it?  Because there is a mound there with a low area at one end that retains water during some parts of the year. This marsh then feeds the weird waterway that runs NW from  the mound.  

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