Friday, January 14, 2022

Top Ten Anomalies in the Plain of Troy

It has been a year since I spotted the mound in front of Hisarlik.  Since then I have identified several other anomalies.  There are both raised earth anomalies and lowered earth anomalies (declivities)  in the plain. 

The most important raised earth anomalies are: 

1 The mile-wide mound in front of Hisarlik.  

2 The 3000 foot berm southwest of Kalifat.

3, 4 The two mounds across the river from one another west of Kalifat

5 The unexplained structure in the marsh southwest of Kalifat 

As for the lowered earth anomalies (all of which are discussed here), starting with the most obvious:

6 The 500 meter long, 20 meter deep cut through the Aegean coastal cliffs

7 The declivity west of Kalifat

8 The marsh WNW of Hisarlik

9 The declivity between the two mounds southwest of Kalifat 

10 The marsh southwest of Kalifat that has a structure in it

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