Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Two more anomalies in the Plain of Troy

I noticed both of these a long time ago but have never mentioned them.  

The first anomaly is a long, straight, raised area going NW from the great mound's north end. I've circled it in the first photo below. 

I have already discussed the raised mound to the north of this anomaly.  About this one I just wonder why is it so straight, and why is it raised like that?  Could there be an ancient wall or something there? 

The second anomaly lies between Pinarbasi and Kalafat, along the eastern side of the Scamander.  .  

This is another long, straight, raised area, but this one turns a bit at each end.  It sits upriver from the great berm near Kalafat.  It is 1.5 miles, or 2.5 kilometers in length.  

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Google Satellite View Improves our view of Ancient Troy

Last year I noted that Google had inserted a new photo of the northern part of the plain of Troy into its display of the area  This update cut across the mound in front of Hisarlik, leaving its northern half differently colored from its southern half.  

That update has been followed by another that replaces the photo representing the southern half of the mound, so that most of the plain is now represented by the newer exposure. This seems like an improvement to me.  

The image below is from last year.  Google inserted a new image of the northern part of the plain that was more green and gold colored than the older images, which are of a more more brownish reddish hue to the south, and more yellow to the west.  

The image below shows the recent update at Google Satellite View.  Google has extended then newer, more green and gold images both south and west.  We can now see the Aegean coast much more clearly.  The upper plain and Hisarlik remain in the older, more reddish brown hue.  

Below is the most recent Google image of the tell and Hisarlik.  

Below is the most recent Google image of the structure in the marsh.  

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